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21st Century Challenge – Internet Born Generation

A new internet generation has been born. A generation that will embrace the technology in themselves. A generation that will make the change they need in rapid technological world. A generation, who will renovate the imagination into virtual and augmented reality. A generation that will revolutionize the world of sub-conscious into conscious. A generation that aims to make the world literally at fingertips. A generation that needs your immersive moral as well as convenient support to reach the zenith in a mass technological era.

There is no doubt, new technology provide many potential beneficial thoughts to young minds. It provides them the ways they need to profoundly stand in the fast time and age movement circle. It provides them the assurance to kept resolve their preliminary solutions to their tribulations. It provides them the approach toward communication between planets. The new technology provides the youth, the opportunity to be in motion and communication as well, in any part of globe. The modern trends embedded in everyday niche around every corner have come to us through the flipside effort made by technology.

Technology and youth seem designed for each other. They both are young, speedy, passionate and ever shifting. In the last twenty years there has been a sudden increase in new technology. This new technology has led to expanding knowledge, online social interaction groups, and terminology that include instant messaging, blogging, which keep youth in touch with their family and friends throughout the world, and allow them to easily develop and maintain relationships among various people of distant cultures. Youth have easy and inexpensive way to solve any problem, to find any information and to get any resolution in no time. Internet is playing central role in youth communication and recreation. It allows young people to promptly boost their knowledge on a broad range of topics.

The internet and cell phones have become a central force that stimulates the pulse of our everyday life. Distance Education for youth within various sections of the globe born because of internet technology. It is an example of immersive education-flow containing benefits such as time saving, efficiency and improvements in learning. As per the tiny research that I conducted in my university, I find out that 78% of the Arab students who said they can’t live without their laptops and cell-phones. While 13% remains neutral and 9% said that it’s not necessary, we can pursue without having cell-phones or laptops. The superior technology is on the rise, whose influence is extremely encompassing.

However, the recent enhancement in technology does not come exclusive of possible hazards. The internet generation moving towards online medias in such a way that they avoid to read the books and other physical guides, newspapers. Our libraries become such a place where we have computers, sometimes even more than books. The new technology trends brings extensive stake in young generation lives, mainly the Internet. New forms of violence terms such as Internet harassment, and Internet bullying came into being which was never heard before. Violent rated movies and video games affect highly youth’s thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Technology has many optimistic features but, without proper knowledge and association, it becomes too dangerous to involve in them. The most crucial influencing part of the new technology is the way of affecting young generation to practically interact, socialize and work. The over dependence and to make use of habitual compulsion so-called addiction among youths especially because of the Internet technology is un-acceptable by their parents. Technology is a valuable and worthy door to information and fiction as well, but its misuse shouldn’t be neglected. We spend more time corresponding with our friends on cell phones and the Internet than we do working or involving ourselves in activities which develop our minds and thoughts. The cell phone is great for long-distance communiqué but it prevents people from face-to-face conversation which is mainly a key factor of lack of confidence in today’s youth.

However, the technology that is shaping our future and our children’s is not, as mostly we may think. It has diverse and far rational concepts, positive and negative as well. We are now in such point of time that if we make right choices, then only we can considerably change the better future of our new generation.

What I said is as for the reason that I am mindful that technology itself is never the reason things change. It is its purpose and it is how people choose to apply the technology. We have to understand that we thyself are the ultimate source of knowledge, not those physical machines. We must not prevent our younger generation to the use of technology or may say internet technology. We must come to understand that Internet is the today’s need. It is that passage which has free and unrestricted flow of information. The just availability or accessibility of computers for everyone is not simply matter of technology. It is the internet which gave life to computer networks. Computers are in fact, one of the vital keys that will either open or lock the doors of opportunity for our children and ourselves. We have to realize whether this generation and the forth-coming generation is to experience the rewards of self-discovery, a higher quality of life, and a renewed sense of community that derive from an interactive sharing of information and knowledge.

Most of us have literal compact thinking about internet technology, we are just one sided, we think that the advancement in technology is just the invention of new gadgets, we must recognize that this is the matter of how we relate to each other, establishing ties to people we may never know and making ourselves united what we may never be. If we keep our younger generation away from technology and its close aspects then how we champion a cause; how we come together once more as communities; how we provide them the confidence to stand; how we empower our youth to lead the way. We should let them work with peers enhances their skills, giving them a possibility to see beyond their own talents, giving them a way to learn to believe and to build up a sense of group pride.

Youth have the sense of ownership and to take control of everything. This habit is by nature enrolling in them because of their youthful age. If we provide them the education as they need I can challenge, that there will be more attendance at schools as comparing today’s part. The reality is that many of our young people will not have such a chance in their entire lifetime that they develop their selves to much extent they think it possible. Particularly, those living in the urban areas, where poverty cuts the deepest, the supports are the fewest, opportunities the rarest. The fortune of these children is the fortune of us all. We must have deep concern in their future. If we forget them and will not provide them the access to interactive technologies and the training to use them, we positioned to be in danger of creating split among those who can and those who can-not.

At last, I just want to say that these are my thoughts and suggested actions on which we have to move. I like to add many more critical fundamentals, but I fear that this article becomes an essay instead. It is an in-complete inventory but a consign to begin. I am intending to write this to insist everybody to stand for our beloved nation because in our lifetime we have once a chance to offer new hope for our youth and ourselves as we enter the 21st century. I am ready for the challenge, ARE U?

Source by Arsalan Zaheer

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