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Can You Make Money in Your Sleep in the Network Marketing – MLM Profession?

The first two scenarios for the average person don’t seem to be an option. You need to have lots of money these days to be making more money on your investment. Most of us do not have lots of money to be working for us. Well wouldn’t it be nice to be a singer/songwriter or an author making royalties every time a record or a book or a ticket to the movies is sold.

However the third option which is to have people work for you is an option for everybody who get involved in the Network Marketing/MLM profession. When I say work for you what people will be doing is working for themselves. With all the people working for themselves being in your group the company that you represent will pay you a percentage of commissions in regards to the volume of products being moved from the company to the end consumer.

Network Marketing/MLM companies generally operate all over the word. If you are based in the UK and by actively growing your business it is very possible to get people who are in other parts of the world building their own business within your group. If that becomes the case then this is what is meant to be earning while you sleep. You go to sleep in the UK and 10, 50, 100’s and even 1000’s of Network Marketing/MLM distributors can be waking up in other time zones that are in your group and as a result you could get paid.

Any income claims are not guaranteed as building a Network Marketing/MLM business is based on the independent distributors’ individual efforts. Just by you joining a company will not make you any money. The unlimited income potential only becomes available if you actively build a team of distributors in the Network Marketing/MLM Company.

Source by Imran Wali

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