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Can Your MLM Or Network Marketing System Take You To Home Business Success?

Based on recent research, it would seem like the vast majority of people are striving towards creating a successful home based business. Now network marketing or MLM opportunities have been around for quite some time, but can these systems take you to home business success?

About a year ago I remember reading an article that has become the bedrock of modern marketing. At the time of my reading I had not developed the awareness of what it all meant, but over time it gradually began to make a lot of sense.

The author of that article had made an analogy between Network Marketing and the McDonald franchise which has been found to be so true. It identified the main reason why 95% of the people who start a network marketing business fail even before they get started.

Those of you who have been in the network marketing industry for some time have always been exposed to this analogy; however, the comparison was never made to teach the real lesson behind the McDonald concept, it was just used to compare the two.

When Ray Croc formulated the McDonald franchise many years ago he might have laid the foundation for a fast food revolution, but he might not have placed emphasis on the quality of what was being served at those fast food restaurants.

He would have understood that he had no control over how those burgers were made at the individual franchises, so instead of relying on his franchise owners satisfying the taste buds of their customers to get repeat sales he formulated a phenomenal business model.

Now joining a network marketing company is like buying a franchise and it should work just like a McDonald franchise, but there is a missing ingredient.

Most network marketing companies rely on a flawed outdated system that might have worked in the sixties and seventies, but is no longer a workable method for the average person.

Back in those days Ray created a marketing system that took the world by storm then, and continues to expand into new markets 40 years plus after its inception.

Now why can’t the network marketing companies business models achieve that kind of result? Why is it that the majority of hard working, ambitious individuals who keep joining these companies continue to fail?

Think about this for a moment. You enjoy doing little chores around your house like building a tool shed, or building a dog house, or maybe even being ambitious enough to redo your kitchen cabinets, hope you know what you’re doing.

You need an electric saw to make your job a little easier. Do you just go out and buy any one that you come across or do you do a little research first? You should, if you want to get a good quality product.

You ask friends, neighbours, or go online to get information. The word Black & Decker keeps popping up so you make a decision to buy a Black & Decker saw.

Now of all the other brands that are on the market you ended up with a Black & Decker saw. Is that the best saw on the market? Not necessarily, but because they seem to have a good marketing strategy in place you ended up buying their product.

It all boils down to learning effective marketing strategies. If you don’t know how to market effectively your business will fail.

Initially, people don’t really care about you and your program or what you’re selling, unless they can see what is in it for them. They also don’t want you to try to sell them anything, they prefer to make that decision themselves. Wow! Is this getting kinda complicated? Not really.

Its all about marketing, but not the product or services that you’re offering. Its all about you and what you are bringing to the table.

Of all the hundreds and thousands of people offering the same thing that you are offering why should that individual buy from you? Why should they join your team?

Unless you are fortunate enough to dominate a certain niche in the market place, which is very unlikely, you have to gain that person’s trust and respect before they will do business with you. Now, is this so difficult?

All of us have certain skills or specialized knowledge in something. Its for us to identify that particular niche and expound on it.

The opportunity that presents itself to us now through the internet, can take us to places we’ve never thought possible, but we have to be willing to portray ourselves as an authority on something we believe in and do whatever is necessary to expand on it.

Address the number one problem that people have and you will start attracting more prospects to your business.

People need information. Provide relevant information about a topic of your choice. You don’t have to know it all, just be yourself. Show that you care. After people gain your trust they will buy into what you have to offer.

Start today to develop your hidden potentials. The world needs more leaders. Get into the game of winning. ‘Study, practice and teach.’

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has

genius, power and magic in it.” Goethe

Source by Godfrey Thaxter

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