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The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show. This year the event took place January 6-9th in Las Vegas Nevada. The show featured many advancements in technology, and a big portion of the show was dedicated to smart homes. Smart home technology focuses on taking existing products and making them “smarter” by connecting them to other devices or networks via Bluetooth or WiFi. While trying to get to sleep one night, Ryan Fant thought about how being able to control his vents would allow him to get to sleep. As he thought about it more, he realized that there would be many more benefits to having smart vents as a part of your HVAC system. He joined forces with Nayeem Hussain, his former classmate at NYU, and the idea took off. As smart vents have hit the market, consider the following benefits to getting them installed in your home:


When your HVAC system is working efficiently, you can save a lot of money on your monthly utility bills. Your smart vents allow you to close the ones in rooms that are not in use. As such, you can save as much as 30% off your run time, which can mean big savings for you throughout the year. With these savings, you’ll be able to cover the cost of your smart vents within the first year of owning them.


As long as you have an Internet connection in your home, you can control your smart vents. There is a smartphone app that allows you the convenience of controlling your vents from anywhere that you may be. Whether you’re comfortably resting in bed or out of town, you can use the app to close or open the vents as you please. All of the information is recorded and maintained in the cloud, so you can access it wherever you are whenever you need it.


Although the smart vents work best in an over-conditioned house, it can work to help conserve energy according to your home and personal lifestyle. You can increase the effectiveness of your home immediately. By closing 4 vents in your home, you can save up to 30% of the run time, which won’t use as much energy to keep your home at your desired temperature. You shouldn’t install smart vents in more than one-third of all of your vents, so you won’t stress your HVAC system. Throughout the rest of your HVAC system, you should work to keep everything well maintained so it will work as efficiently as possible.


In order to reach your desired temperature in your home, you have a thermostat that allows you to program it to the temperature that you want. Why would you want a single temperature for your entire home? You don’t need the entire home to reach the desired temperature if you’re not going to be in each room. The smart vents have automatic airflow adjustments. These can sense when a room becomes too hot or too cold. It can also read the exterior weather conditions, so the home temperature can be adjusted to the change in temperatures outside. With the many benefits that you can reap from installing smart vents for your HVAC system, it’s worth the time to look into getting them. If you’re interested in getting smart vents in your home, contact Budget Plumbing & Rooting to learn about what we can do to help you install them in your home. Even if you choose not to get smart vents, we can help you maintain your system so it will continue to work as efficiently as possible and offer you savings on your utilities.

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