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Jigsaw Puzzles Are Now Online With JSPuzzles

It all started on 1760 by a man called John Spilsbury who was a mapmaker. The first jigsaw puzzle he made was a map of the world. He pasted the map of the world to a piece of wood and cut out each country so that it can later be arranged back. Teachers started using Spilsbury's puzzles to help students learn geography lessons by putting the world maps together. Jigsaw Puzzles for adults emerged around 1900, and by 1908 the jigsaw puzzle craze was in progress in the United States.

Jigsaw puzzles were much more difficult to solve Back then. One of the reasons is that the pieces were cut exactly between the color lines, so there were no pieces with two colors to show which parts fit where, and If that wasn't enough, the adult puzzles didn't even include a picture of the puzzles with them, so one could only guess how their puzzle should look like.

Nowadays, jigsaw puzzles are still very popular for all ages, kids still learn a lot from solving puzzles as they used to 300 years ago and they are a great relaxation, fun, a challenge for adults.

A new jigsaw puzzles service is now offered online on the JSPuzzles website. You can play 1000's of jigsaw puzzles, save your scores and compete against other puzzle solvers from all over the world. A daily puzzle is also available, offering you a nice brain-teaser to do on a daily basis.

So what are you waiting for? go check them out and play jigsaw puzzles .

Source by Hagai Izenberg

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