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Mobile Messaging On The Rise Yet Again

What the Study Shows:

In the latest study conducted by ABI Research, it is apparent that mobile messaging is the way of the future. With an increase in SMS messaging in the Americas, the continued growth of mobile emailing in developed nations, and widespread interest in social networking across the globe, researchers expect mobile messaging to generate revenues reaching $ 212 billion by 2013. While the economy may be slumping in many respects, this research shows that mobile messaging is definitely on the rise.

Benefits of Mobile:

Although different regions of the world have experienced various rates of success depending on the mobile message driver, there are numerous common benefits shared across the board. Ultimately, "messaging services provide a timely, cost-effective, customer-specific communication and information capability." These shared advantages make mobile messaging a growing market that is expected to increase steadily over the next five years.

Future of Mobile marketing:

While mobile services have already made their presence felt, we can expect even greater waves to be made in the next few years. ABI claims, "The next stage of messaging growth will be strongly influenced by new input and access capabilities, and integration across mobile and fixed-line platforms." These new innovations ABI refers to include things such as touch screens, advanced keyboard designs, and voice-to-text capabilities. As technology becomes more advanced, we can assume our messaging systems will become more advanced as well and make mobile messaging easier and more convenient than ever before. While we may not know what tomorrow holds, we can be sure that mobile will play a vital role.

Source by Brandon Bornancin

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