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Multi Level Morons – Is Online MLM Ruining Network Marketing?

Are the online MLM crowd a bunch of Multi Level Morons or what?

I believe there are online multi level morons but there are are offline multi level morons as well. Just as there are offline MLM Professionals, there are Online MLM Professionals too.

Now I want you to pay close attention to what I am going to discuss here.

This article is dedicated to showing you how many Online MLMers are playing into the hands of those who say they are Multi Level Morons, and how to become an Online MLM Professional.

The arguments are these…

Multi Level Moron Theory #1: That Online MLM is ruining the network marketing industry. That these online MLM people are spamming every few minutes or every few hours about their opportunity. Basically pitching their deal over and over again like an obnoxious person at a cocktail party. So let’s take a look at this.

Well crap, I went on Twitter a few minutes ago and I typed in a popular MLM company name and got a distributor for that company which allowed me to read their tweets (I changed the company name to XYZ Company and erased the web link).

Breeze through this but look at the time stamps. This is clearly not a marketing approach. This is playing right into the Multi Level Moron Theory: This is MORON Marketing at it’s best. And these people had over 50,000 followers…So you might say wow 50,000 people, they must be successful. Don’t be fooled by the number…many could be their downline, crossline, etc which is terrible. Because they are setting the example of how to be a total Moron to over 50,000 people who are looking up to them. And they sending out messages like this all day long. But here take a gander…These are REAL tweets.

The word is just now getting out. Find Out the Truth about “XYZ” Company

less than 20 seconds ago

All you would expect from a name that means true excellence. The XYZ Company wants you! Weblink

1 minute ago

Just released skin care too. Learn what The XYZ Company has in store for America. Weblink

9 minutes ago

Full training and support from veterans and 7-figure earners. The XYZ wants you. http: Weblink

17 minutes ago

The XYZ wants you. Learn what The XYZ Company has in store for America. Click this:Weblink

18 minutes ago

The XYZ Launch. The game changes. Get details from a veteran with the top team site. Weblink

20 minutes ago

Get facts. Find out the truth about “XYZ Launch” Hear from a 7 figure earner. Weblink

31 minutes ago

The XYZ Company is about to change the face of networking marketing. Join us. Talk with major leaders. Weblink

39 minutes ago

Why you may want to pay attention to what The XYZ Company is about to do. (weblink) Get the facts from veterans.

42 minutes ago via

The XYZ Launch. Get the facts from veteran leaders. Weblink

about 1 hour ago via

That is clearly moronic. It is desperate and unprofessional. So if the top leader is doing this…guess what the guy who just joined is doing. There are much better strategies for this. You do this on MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook and they might send you to hang out on MyTwitFace – The Multi Level Moron Social Puking Network. OK just kidding.

But before i give you the simple solution, let’s go through the rest:

Multi Level Moron Theory #2- That the “Warm Market” concept is dead. That basically “Old School” network marketing is dead. That if you would not tell people you know, people you meet, friends and family about your business then you have no business being in that business.

I have to tell you that I love the internet, but “Old School” network marketing is NOT DEAD. I am not big on large hotel meetings, etc. BUT I just sponsored a life long friend into my business. Why? Because I know the communication skills that allowed that to happen. He needed help. I have something that will help him. Why the heck would I not offer him a solution. Of course I would and so would you. If you shut off “Old School” network marketing to your teams…you are cutting off a lot of volume. By the way, you would only talk about your business to people you know if it was appropriate. Like if you were talking to them and they expressed a need/want then you could invite them or suggest a resource to help them. But if you call them out of the blue and pitch them with no Greeting established, and you get that awkward feeling then you are violating the Inviting Formula and 10 Communication Qualities.

You can market all day long but if you cannot communicate then you will never reach true professional status whether online or offline. This is the SINGLE biggest problem in MLM.

This one goes along with next Moron Theory.

Multi Level Moron Theory #3- Sensationalistic Headlines. Tag lines are misleading. Like “Your Upline Is Lying To You,” or “Your Company Is Lying To You,” etc.

Let’s face it these statements hit the hot buttons of those folks struggling which is a lot of folks.

I don’t think all uplines and companies and are “lying.” Some might be, but most just don’t know how to help you market. Like they just flat out don’t know so they discourage it so you don’t “get distracted.” This is YOUR responsibility. Not your upline or your company. Learn how to market. Don’t ask them what they think of it because many will tell you not to do it. But you must learn this to really have control of your income for the short term and long term. This is where the True Online MLM Professionals are 100% correct.

So if we are going to market. Where would we do it? Newspapers? Uhmmm readership of newspapers is going down big time…many are going out of business. I have not read a newspaper in 2 years. So I am not going to do that. Direct Mail still works, but you need a budget to do this. By the way there are offline ways to create good leads. But for this purpose…where are MLM Professionals going to turn?…they are going to turn to the internet of course. Listen if I can order a Dominos Pizza online…get status updates that “John has left the store with my pizza”…email confirmations, etc… Then it is only natural that we are going to turn to the internet to find more prospects….

You know that right now that if you had a way to get an excellent stream of excited prospects coming across your desk right now…you would be all for it. You wouldn’t be complaining. You would be like Holey Smokes!!! Thank Goodness! You know you would.

This is where KNOWLEDGE comes in, you have to get the knowledge, pay the price and learn. If this Million Dollar Club member can do it, so can you. Most people don’t know how to do it. I ran across information that REALLY does work with no BS. You may not know, but I was a Captain in the US Army and my BS detector is bigger than most. You have to learn this. You don’t have to spam, tick people off, stick your finger in your company’s eye to create a lot of leads.

My solution to your issue is this. Learn the proper way to communicate to ANY prospect or heck anyone. Period. This way you will not be a Multi Level Moron.

Then learn how to market so you can truly run your business and control your future. This is my hope for you and in my opinion will lead you to being a true MLM Professional.

Source by Steven J Swartz

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