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On Demand Software Industry

A lot been said about the growing influence of On-Demand software services. With On-Demand, it means the software modified according to your requirements and is available online for access. So you need not install them on your machine nor worry about the functionality issues, data security etc.

Well, still I am confused with this On Demand word. Still, this is the fast selling industry buzz in the software sector. The latest segment that is feeling the heat of this On-Demand is the Human Resource industry.

Workforce Management is so very important and tedious assignment, that anything in the industry that can ease this domain is acceptable. Just imagine, you need to wait for your pay stubs every payday and when you know that a print copy is readily available online. Similarly your W2’s

You need to find out whether your timesheet is approved or still pending due to your manager, easy, login to your account where you punch in and out, and find out. All reports are right there for you to access anywhere, anytime. Need to change your self-service information, now, you need not sent a mail request to your manager for changing your home address or phone numbers. This is easy online with these services.

All the above features are just for employees, and, when it comes to managers, administrators, this is where the real problem was.

We if we go on reading about the benefits will require many more pages to refer and again the point here is how well industry absorbs the new culture, new technology.

I went through many of these articles and features, am slightly convinced that they are useful, have attended a few web casts and webinars on these subjects. Very informative, the workshop about 10-payroll technology in APA show was again a good experience in this regards.

So, it’s your turn to share your reviews on the same…


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