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Top 5 MLM Secrets Leaked Out – Discover the Hottest Network Marketing Formula for Success

Now that you have started to build a new MLM or network marketing home based business there are some key aspects that you need to know about this ever changing marketplace here in 2010. If you don’t learn these MLM secrets and apply them it can destroy your chance for success and cost you a fortune to learn network marketing the right way. Read on to find out the dirty little MLM secrets formula no one wants to expose.

Have you ever experienced any of the following scenarios in your network marketing business that have impacted your network marketing monthly check? Disappearing down line team members, increased sign-up costs for new reps, sometimes 100% more than you paid to do the business. Are you seeing heavy hitters jump ship and leave your business completely screwed overnight to go tot he next latest and greatest opportunity. With the internet age is here to stay, and the old business model alone will not work. You have to now supplement your network marketing business with online techniques to make it to the top of any company. Below I will go over the top MLM secrets that can damage your wallet and confuse the heck out of you when learning to market your business online.

Top 5 MLM Secrets the gurus don’t want you to know:

1. Using just online techniques to grow your MLM business can be suicide and more work at times. Have to substitute offline with the online approach to recruit more people.

2. Applying to try every product with a 30 day free trial is a waste of your valuable time trying to learn so many new things. You need to focus and master 2 things that will explode your business.

3. Spending money on products that do not provide you any results. If it doesn’t work I say ‘Get your money back ASAP”! Demand it back from the person you bought it from.

4. Buying the newest released product from Guru XYZ because he made a few bucks. Now let’s think if you buy that top MLM secret formula and so did 50,000 other people how well will that formula work online with all the competition you now have.

5. This is the kicker and my personal favorite of all the MLM secrets: If they look broke in that you tube video telling you how they can help your business then chances are they are broke.

So the above are just a few MLM secrets that a lot of gurus know just don’t want to share. The reason is they are afraid that you may not buy their next, “Add 6 Million friends on Facebook in 30 seconds” product. I am not classifying that everyone sells horrible products that is not the case at all. Some of the people out there have amazing products. It is your job to get the education as a network marketing professional do your homework first. Read the reviews on the products before you buy them. Make sure you look up who owns the domain name of the reviewer just to make sure it is not the same guy giving a testimonial for his own product, I see this 20 times a day online.

In my network marketing business I use two things that help me succeed that are my MLM secrets that I only share with my team. By just focusing on mastering these two methods of marketing online I can recruit in the masses without rejection and normally with my phone ringing off the hook with people ready to sign up.

I wish you my type of success in network marketing. Keep your head up and smile because everyday is new and a beautiful journey in this industry. It doesn’t happen over night but it can happen in 90 days from now so keep the momentum.

Source by Edward Callaham

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