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What Exactly Are Universal Water Purifiers?

Universal water purifiers make use of various purification technologies combined to supply water that is clean, purified and tasty. Most purifier companies combine the power of 2 to 3 purification processes in multiple steps to purify water. Some of the methods used in cleaning the water from all types of germs and impurities are as follows.

  • RO plus UV Purifiers

This combination is the best possible technology that companies use to clean and provide the finest, purified water. Reverse osmosis and Ultra-violet technology are used together to rid the water of germs, heavy metals, viruses and other dissolved impurities.

  • RO plus UV plus UF

Systems using all the above three are considered to be the most effective in purifying the water from all types of impurities including bacteria, germs, heavy metals and dissolved impurities. Other companies use UF filters as well to ensure that water is pure. Some of them make use of smart technology to check TDS level, and also use purification technology, which is best for cleaning water, so consumers need not worry about what to use. However, such purifiers are expensive and cost a lot to maintain. When your TDS water level is higher, these purifiers can reduce TDS level and supply the best result for everyday consumption.

  • Pre-post Activated Carbon

Pre-post activated carbon is useful in absorbing toxic organic chemicals, such as pesticides. This can increase life cycles of RO membranes by blocking impurities that can stick to RO membranes and reduce their life.

Pros of Universal Water Purifiers

  • Can work with any kind of water supply with no problems concerning the quality of output water;
  • They improve water taste by including the minerals needed to the required drinking water;
  • They rid water of all kinds of impurities, such as dead cells, harmful salts, heavy metals, ions and toxic chemicals;
  • Purifiers in multiple stages kill and remove bacteria, germs and viruses that cause diseases from water to make it safe to drink.

Cons of Universal Water Purifiers

  • Electricity is always used when cleaning and purifying water. As a solution, the purifier can include a storage tank to store clean water to be used whenever there is electric failure.
  • The cost of maintenance is a bit high, since they make use of different technologies in purifying water that requires regular servicing for water purifier to function well. However, this is a lot better than spending money and time on medications and visits to the doctor.

Source by Karina Popa

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